HPMT: End Mill, Ball Nose, Taper End Mill, Taper Ball Nose, Circle Segment Cutters, Torus Cutters

HPMT, Malaysia established in 1978, is involved in the manufacturing of cutting tools currently distributed to more than 30 countries. HPMT prides itself as an innovator in the field of high precision solid carbide cutting tools. Within the R&D Division, tools are continuously perfected to complement the constant technological transformation in the metalworking industry. For quality control, the specialists use sophisticated measuring instruments to ensure that the precision tools are within specifications meeting the tight tolerance levels.

HPMT Industries is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of Solid Carbide cutting tools as well as trading of third party products of cutting tools, supporting equipment and accessories for metalworking. Our solid carbide cutting tools are made out of End Mills, Drills & ballnoses and are for specific applications; sold both locally in Malaysia & Southeast Asia, as well as overseas. Currently, we distribute to more than 30 countries mainly in Europe and Asia under our own HPMT brand and for our distributors’ private labels.

The establishment of HPMT Industries can be traced to the formation of Herroz in 1978 by Mr Khoo Yee Her. Back then, Herroz was principally involved in trading of solid carbide cutting tools and other supporting equipment and accessories. 

Today HPMT Industries prides itself as an innovator in the three categories of high precision solid carbide cutting tools. The universal tools, the specialised tools and the customized tools categories. All with in-house R&D facilities committed to perfecting the art of solid carbide precision cutting tool innovation right from today’s advanced manufacturing hub of the technology-driven Southeast Asia.

The HPMT Industries logo which is set at the heart of the crude diamond symbolizes Durability and Prosperity. To ensure these beneficial attributes for all associates, we strive to build value using our philosophy with active collaboration between the Manufacturer, the Supply Chains, the Distribution Arms and the Customers. All being represented on the four triangles of the diamond’s geometry logo. With our philosophy of IntegrityReliabilityAccountability and Capability being instrumental in the rapid rise of HPMT Industries. The ultimate goal of being the global leader in high precision solid carbide cutting tool will not be a mission too impossible to achieve.   

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