Wohlhaupter: Boring Tool, Boring Head, Inserts, Clamping Tools, UPA, Universal Facing and Boring Head

Wohlhaupter, Germany is the pioneer in boring applications since 1929 and World leader in Digital boring tools and are known all over the world as a manufacturer of innovative, modular tool systems for machining centres and millturns, facing and boring heads, grooving heads, clamping tools and customised solutions for boring operations.

On October 1, 1929, Emil Wohlhaupter founds a small mechanical workshop in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. In a rented room cutting and stamping tools and devices are reconditioned – purely by hand. Some years later, the company is subcontracted to carry out small-scale batch production.

The first model of Universal Facing and Boring Head UPA is developed in 1936, and a year later embraced wholeheartedly by the world of industry at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Universal Facing and Boring Heads are used on universal milling and boring machines, boring mills, jig boring machines and milling machines of all kinds in individual and batch production. Around the world, the UPA becomes synonymous with the company‘s name.

With, MultiBore, Wohlhaupter developed the world‘s first modular tool system in 1973. From master shanks for all kind of machine tools to the MultiBore boring tools, all MultiBore modular components can be assembled into workpiece adapted complete tools.

The term MultiBore used by Wohlhaupter stands for a system of modular components which is compatible with every machine spindle. The boring tools have been developed and manufactured to the very highest standards of engineering practice and are also suitable for high-speed machining. Naturally, we will supply fully balanced complete tools on request.

The MVS MultiBore-connection has proved its worth in a million applications since its introduction in 1973. Wohlhaupter was the world’s first maker of modular boring tools and developed the connection into today’s perfect system solution. It offers the following benefits:

• Easy and practical handling

• Freely accessible threaded taper pins for precise cutter positioning

• Triple point clamping (A, B, C) ensuring high axial clamping forces on mating faces

• Maximum rigidity due to triple-point clamping

• Accurate to less than 3 μm when tool is changed

With its unique colour-coding system the Wohlhaupter catalogue makes the allocation of the individual MVS connections child’s play. Time-consuming searches for the right connection are a thing of the past. You will recognise the right connection instantly. Each Wohlhaupter MVS connection has its own colour coding. By matching the various colours you can easily obtain the correct combination of the different tool components. To assist you recognise the correct MVS connection we’ve even put the colour coding system on the packaging containing the tools.

Wohlhaupter’s MultiBore finish boring tools offer the most comprehensive product range for the internal machining of bores. These tools have been tried and tested worldwide for decades and are known for their high quality. A high degree of flexibility in the application and selection of cutting materials as well as simple handling guarantee the optimum tool solution for a wide range of machining operations. Wohlhaupter – for the highest precision.

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